Binnenalster – The Inner Lake

Binnenalster – The Inner Alster Lake in Hamburg

Take a look at the fountain of the Inner Alster Lake

Hamburg has not only the Elbe, but also the Alster, which every citizen knows. The final waters are divided into the interior and exterior Alster, both of which have their advantages. Whatever you are talking about, you can easily remember: the Inner Alster Lake is easily recognized by the wonderful pompous fountain, which is located in the middle of the lake and spills water almost all year round.

Explore the pedestrian mile in good weather

The tour around the Inner Alster Lake would be a good idea in any weather, but when the sun is shining and the skin warms, it is especially fun. Not only for tourists is a visit to the Inner Alster Lake duty, also many hamburger use this spot to recover in the middle of the city. Whether you want to spend the lunch break, meet with friends at the weekend or relax from an extensive shopping tour, the Inner Alster invites you with benches and cafes to countless relaxing moments that simply do your soul well.

Everybody loves the fountain of the Inner Alster

We write the 18th of April, 1987. On this historic date, the fountain of the Inner Alster poured water for the first time into the air in the Hanseatic League of Hamburg. In the meantime, it has become a landmark, which runs from March to November. If you want to experience the fountain in action, you should visit the Inner Alster between 9.00 am and midnight. You would like some facts about the fountain of the Inner Aster? 170,000 liters of water gush with 117 hp at a height of 60 meters. The fountain is financed with money and donations from various companies, which collect about 60,000 Euro every year.

The traditional Christmas tree of the Alster

During the Christmas season, many corners of Hamburg shine in a cozy light, which invites you to a mulled wine with your sweethearts. Just in time for the festivities, the Inner Alster Lake is decorated for Christmas, when the traditional Christmas tree the “Alstertanne” is set up. The approximately 20 – 25 m high Christmas tree of Hamburg is adorned with around 1,300 lights, which shine so beautiful, as no other Christmas tree could possibly do, although these are just as beautiful.