Philharmonic Hall

The Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg (Philharmonic Hall)

The new construction of the Philharmonic Hall which stands out with its architecture is located in the West of the Hafencity in Hamburg und and will be ceremonially opened on the 11th of January 2017. Guests can expect a range of different music and concerts above the Elbe. The repertoire will not only include chamber music or music of the renaissance but also Pop music, Jazz and music known from world history. Therefore there are sounds to enjoy for every music lover. The aim of the people who are responsible for the project is to establish music in Hamburg. There will be world premieres of music composed by today’s artists. One of the many peaks will be the production “Call me Good” by and with John Malkovich. Tickets for the first concerts can already be purchased.

Father of the Philharmonic Hall of the Elbe (Elbphilharmonie), the mental parents…

are the architect Alexander Gérard and his wife, the art historian, Jane Marko. Both of the had the idea for the building and worked together over decades until they were “bought out of the contract”. The senate of Hamburg put the responsibility in the hands of the manager Hartmut Wegener in the year 2004. Indeed he was released by the senate in the year 2008. Instead the architect’s office Herzog & Meuron and the Hochtief AG took over.

The formation of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

As starting basis of today’s Elbphilharmonie served the Kaiserspeicher in the year 1875 which is found in the South of today’s Speicherstadt in Hamburg. But it was destroyed in the second World War. As as result to this event did one of Hamburg’s architects, Werner Kallmorgen, design a new Kaiserspeicher A, which at the beginning served as storage for tea, cacao and coffee. The warehouse lost its purpose more and more in the 90s after there were utilised more containerships, so it stayed unused. Later on it was renovated and there were added more reinforcec concrete piles. In the year 2010 the 29th level was completed and therefore the last one of the planned concert halls. After months of building freeze the interior completion was built. There was a focus on the goal to optimize the acoustics in the hall so that people can enjoy a special evening full of great music. The goal should be achieved by integrating more than 10.000 elements of the wall and ceilings which all should be a mixture of gypse of nature and scrap paper. Furthermore did the architects use calculations of sounds via 3D models on computers. In the year 2014 the Philharmonic Hall was at completed at the outside. It will be opened in the coming January 2017.

The plaza between the old warehouse and the glassy new building as a touristic attraction

A special highlight is already given to the tourists of Hamburg: the big plaza with almost 4000 square meters which is located 37 meters above the ground. It invites you to a 360° round walk where you can see the historic and the new part of the Elbphilharmonie. Because of this you will have the chance to raise your pleasant anticipation considering the opening by looking at the wonderful exterior facade. At the same time you will be provided with a panoramic view over the harbour of Hamburg and the city itself. The place is open to the public and tickets are free till 2018 in case they are spontaneous. Who wants to come at a certain time, can reserve tickets online for two euros.

The building impresses with its contrasts

The Elbphilharmonie is traversed by contrasts which are mostly reflected in the construction of the building by presenting a combination of old and new. While the historic part the Kaiserspeicher forms the basis, the new part is taken by the curved and glassy new construction. The centre of the building forms the big concert hall with its inclusive sound reflector. To get the music to the listeners as close as possible and establish a connection between audience and orchestra, the orchestra is located in the centre of the hall. With a 30 metres maximum distance to the orchestra the audience enjoys a closeness to the music which is possible seldom world wide. Next to the big concert hall there is the small concert hall which allows space for almost 550 music fans and which can be used for all kinds of music works in an optimized way. As another concert hall there can be found the Kaistudio which gives a seat to over 170 people. Already the concert hall causes a sensation all around the world and should establish appreciation to Hamburg as international cultural site for music. Interesting to know is also that the building is well isolated. As a consequence you won’t be able to listen to the music by standing outside the halls.