Reeperbahn Tour

2,5 hours = 23 €

The legendary Reeperbahn tour


On the one hand, the most sinful mile of the world is a lovingly cherished stereotype, but one that has a real core. Wherever you are on St. Pauli, the sin is just around the corner. And this is a fascination for locals and tourists from all over the world. The Internet has probably changed this part of the business, but has not defeated it, because the Internet does not convey emotions.


On the other hand: the Reeperbahn in Hamburg St.Pauli is much more than just the stereotype. It is also a multifaceted district with a colorful mixture of entertainment and culture, from beer taverns to classy nightclubs, from snack bars to top restaurants, from simple accommodations to luxury hotels.
The best way to immerse into this world is by participating in a Reeperbahn tour, also known as the Paulice guide, with authentic people who have the Kiez in their blood.



Kiez-Guides: They speak the language of the Kiez.

Christian, Bernd and Reinhard are native St.Paulians.
Prostitutes, drunk people, erotic shops, neon-advertising have been part of their everyday life, since their childhood. And these full-blooded Kiez boys speak the language of the Kiez, whose expressions are incomprehensible to outsiders. Other guides like Andreas, Wolfgang, Horst, Moritz and Mathias have the Kiez in their blood as well. Your tour guides can not be more authentic. Melanie is the new crew member.

The fact that our Reeperbahn tour is not a very dry affair is self-evident. These special guides will not only tell the changing history of the district, but also what currently expects you on the most sinful mile in the world. This neighborhood rich in noteworthy events and anecdotes, so that this Reeperbahn tour inevitably becomes a very enjoyable affair.
In addition, there are plenty of recommendations for you as a participant: tips for recommended restaurants and clubs, for example, and where guests are treated fairly or where rip offs occur.

Because a tourist magnet like St.Pauli attracts many dark contemporaries, you will receive guidance on correct behavior within this Reeperbahn tour, so that you will not end up at another known St.Pauli facility, the Davidwache, Germany’s most famous police station, (free entry, 24 hours open, friendly staff, cheap accommodation options).

And finally, you will receive our voucher booklet: Here you can save a lot of money in various localities.
We place great importance to a personal approach. For this reason, a manageable group size is important to us.
In our reply mail you will find everything else, such as meeting place, telephone numbers and payment.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our guide has the right to exclude drunk persons spontaneously.

We look forward to you.
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