Speicherstadt Tour and parts of Hafencity

2,5 hours = 20 € p.P.

Warehouse district tour and large parts of the harbourcity.

The „Speicherstadt“ tour is an absolute must for every visitor. It is known from film, television and advertising. And now, in 2015, it was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage:

The „Speicherstadt“ Hamburg with the Harbour-City is one of the most interesting and most atmospheric of all places in Hamburg. For this reason, the Speicherstadt is particularly suitable as a backdrop for film media and is accordingly coveted.

Although the individual blocks of the buildings were designed by different architects, they form an harmonious overall impression.
Solitary buildings in exposed areas prevent boredom, but it was not about an outstanding architecture when it came to the construction of the Speicherstadt more than hundred years ago.
The buildings were pure purpose buildings, warehouses adapted to the technical possibilities and methods of transportation at that time.
What a contrast to the faceless purpose constructions of later architect generations.

During our tour of the warehouse district, many participants have the impression of time travel. A journey far before the time when the Speicherstadt was established.
Some participants may be a bit scared. And the creep will be intensified when the warehouse district tour of the evening takes place in the dark and the stories come alive-.. the story of the Hamburg Senate, who recklessly let clear the ground, so that the Speicherstadt could be built.

The harbourcity was built, not as recklessly, on a former Elbe island.
A guided tour through parts of the HarbourCity, which is part of our Speicherstadt tour, will bring the most beautiful buildings of modern architecture closer to you.
Our guided tours start within sight of the new mirror building. From here the tour takes us through the Speicherstadt and parts of the Harbourcity.


Past the Elbphilharmonic Hall

This tour will end at the near Philharmonic Hall


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