The Mönckeberstrasse Hamburg


The Mönckebergstraße: A part of the Hanseatic city for over 100 years


The people of Hamburg know their shopping areas like their back of their hand. An arcade, which is known also beyond its borders, is the Mönckebergstraße (Mönckebergstreet). In the year 2009 it celebrated its 100th birthday.


The development of the Mönckebergstraße


The basic idea of the Mönckebergstraße was more practical oriented than romantic. As there was the cholera epidemic in the year 1892, the people wanted to optimize the hygienic conditions after it ended so that nothing similar would ever happen again. The governor of the city Mönckeberg and the senate of Hamburg decided that the historic district of the eastern part of the old town should be demolished. Out of this it became bit by bit what today is the most known shopping mile of Hamburg. Due to a study of Jones Lang LaSalle more than 9.800 people walk daily through the Mönckebergstraße which makes Hamburg the 7th in the ranking of German shopping miles.



As you can divine the name of the street was given by the governor Johann Georg Mönckeberg, who died on the 27th of March 1908 aged 69 years. In the year 1876 he became a member of the Hamburg senate, since the year 1890 he was governor. As he died one decided to give his name to the Mönckebergstraße to always remember him.


Sightseeing around the “Mö”


All cinema fans should see the arcade cinema as it is the oldest cinema in the Hanseatic city. There are not only shown films but there is also performed the cinema, the oldest in Germany by the way. Over the years there had been a few closures, but till now the arcade cinema has always recovered and belongs to the most beautiful cinemas in Hamburg which is definitely worth a visit. In close proximity there is the beautiful Alster which offers a unique panoramic view. To the sea you can get by an Alster round trip tour which leads you through the bold canals and offers you a very own view of Hamburg. Furthermore there are numerous shops around: From H&M till Versace everybody will find something, whoever has a sense for fashion.


Facts about the Mönckebergstraße in short: