The Speicherstadt Hamburg


Exploring the Speicherstadt in Hamburg

The Speicherstadt in Hamburg is a complex of historic warehouses and is located in the harbour of Hamburg. In the year 2015 it was honored as the biggest warehouse in the world and it was given the title UNESCO world heritage. Since then it is an eye-catcher which cannot be missed when visiting the Nordic city. Every year the Speicherstadt with the harbour of Hamburg and the Elbphilharmonie attracts numerous visitors who want to enjoy the atmosphere, explore the Miniatur Wunderland or would like to dine in an idyllic location. Especially during the evening times the almost one hundred years old place is worth a trip. Then the sun reflects in the water canals and at the same time it lights artistically the old warehouses.


The history of the first UNESCO world heritage of Hamburg. The warehouse was built between 1883 and 1920. Since 1991 the Hamburg tourist magnet is under monumental protection. At the same of construction the valued architecture of the complex was not in the foreground, but the focus was the pure expediency. Like the name already divines the warehouses should be used for the storage of goods. Typical goods for storage were tea, coffee and cocoa. A technique speciality of the building was then and also today that the warehouses were built on thousands of oak piles. Because of this they could dare the water and simplify the delivery of goods. With this it made Hamburg and therefore the German Empire known to the world. Also today it counts as flagship of Hamburg. A difference to former times however is that the Speicherstadt is not used for the storage of goods on a high level. Only carpets are stored there today. The rest became redundant with the introduction of container ships.

A Speicherstadt Tour is a must do in the tourism of Hamburg

Today the stores in the harbour of Hamburg are used as gastronomic industry as well as for advertising agencies. Furthermore several touristic attractions took advantage of the space. For example there is the  Miniatur Wunderland, that attracted around 1,2 million people in the year 2015 and can name as its own the biggest model railway system. Interested people can experience the construction of new construction phases and can put themselves in a smaller version of our real world. An experience for the whole family. Another attraction is the Dungeon in another store that guarantees a horror show about the history of Hamburg with a high amount of fear factor. For culture enthusiasts there is suitable to the location the Speicherstadt museum, where you can internalize another time the history of the Speicherstadt and be able to see your surrounding with fresh eyes. A special experience Hamburg visitors will enjoy who are able to take part in a guided tour through the Speicherstadt and its surrounding. Because not only the architecture fascinates. Above all the stories which are behind the monument are surprising and probably are not expectable from the buildings.

The combination of facts, history and of course the fact that you stand at the exact place where all had happened, takes you in a different time. Particularly in the time when Kaiser Wilhelm the Second put the last brick to complete the first phase of construction and in the time of the beginning of the building, when 20.000 people lost their home so that the Speicherstadt could emerge. At the same time the historic building with all its canals (Fleeten) create an idyllic atmosphere. “Fleeten” are canals which run through the complete quarter of the Speicherstadt. On these canals there still can sail some ships. However the Speicherstadt is not only worthy for the Hamburg tourism as the warehouses could be used as real homes soon. But because of the fact that the plans have not been approved at the moment, the Speicherstadt will be continuing being a special place, which is used one or another time for film production, the same amount of time as the Reeperbahn is used.