Tour of the Elbphilharmonie

Beginn der Elbphilharmonie Führung

Dear Hamburg Tourists,

hereby we would like to offer you two possible tours all including the Elbphilharmonie (without concert halls).

1.) ah = 12 € per person, daily 10am, 11:15am, Saturday and Sunday also 2pm and 4pm:

Tour Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Rich information about this building.

We begin with a walk around the building where we will explain to you the peculiarities of the building site, how the Kaispeicher is constructed and you will as well get all information about the construction of the new building (construction of glas).


The Elbphilharmonie

We will get to the Elbphilharmonie via the longest escalator of the world: the tube. At the end of the escalator you will be able to enjoy the first view through the panoramic windows.

The plaza is one level higher and is the pivot of all activities and the connecting link between the old Kaispeicher and the modern glas construction.

Here at the Elbphilharmonie Plaza you can find the entry of the five star hotel Westin and other institutions such as a souvenir-shop and catering Störtebeker which are located over two levels.
A visit of the concert halls is not possible. You will find more information about a tour of the concert halls here: > Webseite



2.) 2,5 Std = 25 € per person: daily 10am, Saturday and Sunday 2pm and 4pm

Master Tour: Elbphilharmonie including the Speicherstadt and the Hafencity

After our visit of the Elbphilharmonie we will walk through the historic Speicherstadt where we will end at the Maritimes Museum (maritime museum) and where we will explain to you all about the HafenCity. The walk will be finished within sight of the Elbphilharmonie.


Directions to the Elbphilharmonie

Directions via underground:

Destination: Baumwall (Timetable) –
Walkway: five minutes from here

Directions via underground:

Destination: Baumwall (Timetable) –
Walkway: five minutes from here

Directions via bus:

Bus stop: Am Kaiserkai
– Bus 111 (Timetable)
– ca 150 m walkway
Bus stop: Auf dem Sande
– Bus 6 (Timetable)
– ca 500 m walkway

Directions via ferry:

From Landungsbrücken
to Elbphilharmonie
– ferry 72 –
ca 100 m walkway

Directions via car

(not recommended at weekends):

→ car park Elbphilharmonie, Google Maps: every beginning hour: 4 Euro (from Jan 2017). ΘNavi: Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, 20457 Hamburg
→ CONTIPARK Parkhaus Speicherstadt, WebsiteGoogle Maps. Every beginning hour: 2 Euro (from Jan 2017). Navi: Am Sandtorkai 6, 20457 Hamburg 
→ f you come in time you may find some parking slots in the east of the Speicherstadt near the Miniaturwunderland, ΘNavi: Kehrwieder 2, 20457 Hamburg

Hafenpolizei Hamburg Kehrwider Spitze

On your way to the Elbphilharmonie you will inevitably walk by the building of the Wasserschutzpolizei Kehrwiederspitze (Water police). Here there are produced the film recordings for the filmHafenkante„.











Elbphilharmonie Führung Tube


General information: Elbphilharmonie tours

Essential points of our own Elbphilharmonie tours


1. Tour of the Elbphilharmonie Plaza: one hour, without concert halls

The visit will be on the whole of the area and on the Plaza iteself.

We cannot visit the concert halls.

With the escalator that is called “tube” we will go upstairs to the Plaza. Here you will get the first fantastic view through the panoramic windows.

From here we will go one level higher. Now you will be on the Plaza where you will get detailed information about what makes it so unique.

At the end we will go on a round walk on the Plaza-Gangway.

2. Tour of the Elbphilharmonie Plaza with following tour through the Speicherstadt, parts of the HafenCity

The Hamburg Speicherstadt and the Kontorhaus Quarter belong to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since the year 2015.

Both tours including the Elbphilharmonie are described above.

You can registrate online for the tour via our registration form or try our mobile phone number 0176 680 75 220


The tours are also bookable for groups. You can easily get in touch with us via mail.

As a group you can decide the meeting point and the time for your tour if you are 20 people or more.

Restaurant Störtebeker in der Elbphilharmonie


Essential content of tours that guide you through the Elbphilharmonie itself

If you like to take a glimpse in the concert halls of the Elbphilharmonie you have to book a tour directly at the Elbphilharmonie. You can easily registrate yourself online. The price is 13€ per person (from march 2017).

If you wish to book a ticket for the Plaza of the Elbphilharmonie without a guided tour you may get a free ticket at the Visitor Centre next to the Elbphilharmonie or at the counter at the Elbphilharmonie. The tickets are free if you book them for the same day. If you think about booking a ticket for the next day or later you may pay a fee of two euros.


Opening times of the Visitor Centre: daily from nine am till eight pm.

There is also the opportunity to book tickets for the concerts online. Just ask when there is the next quota of tickets. Visiting the website you may have the best chances to purchase a ticket.