Town Hall Hamburg


The magnificent inner courtyard


Town hall Hamburg inner courtyard

To find a tiny bit of calm and relaxation in the city centre, an effort, which almost seems to be impossible. But with the knowledge about the right places it is achievable. A place that could not be nearer is the inner courtyard of the town hall of Hamburg. Inbetween shops and the Alster tourism you may find a place of calm where you can also explore and learn a lot if you wish to do so.


From parking area to relaxing oasis.


It took a while that the town hall inner courtyard became what it is today. Only since the year 2001 visitors are allowed to settle, to drink a cup of coffee or to eat lunch there. Until the year 1897 this idea could not have been realised due to financial reasons. Because of this it had been used as a parking area for a bit of time. Today you can get away from the crowds where you at expect it the least.


The history of Hamburg in niche figures

The history of Hamburg is very interesting. Visiting the inner courtyard you really should take a look at the niche figures as the represented bishops and lords are very relevant for our Hanseatic city.


The Hygieia fountain


There, where the relaxation can be searched and first impressions of the magnificent town hall can be taken, visitors won’t be able to pass the Hygieia fountain which can be found in the central area of the inner courtyard. While enjoying a piece of cake from the restaurant, you can have an intense look. Behind this sculpture there is an interesting history. The Greek goddess Hygieia was not the first choice. Primary there should have been the god of trading Merkur (Mercure) which symbolised the “connecting link between the state and trading”. But due to the Cholera epidemic in 1982 one decided for this goddess who symbolises purity and health. Furthermore Hygieia should represent the fight or the victory over the mass illness which was mostly taken under control through new hygiene conditions. Hygieia holds a bowl in her hands through which runs water. The victory over cholera is represented through the conquered dragon which lies at her feet.


Facts about the inner courtyard of the town hall of Hamburg in short: